Adrienne Brown and the Ruckus

The Ruckus Society’s Adrienne Brown has some tips that are especially important for new or first-time voters — below the video.


866 OURVOTE ( is a central source of information needed to protect the vote, including the registration and identification guidelines for each state. This site is also covering the legal side of election protection!
Twitter Vote Report ( is a space to do a quick and easy report of how your voting experience is going. The most important part of this is the change to Twitter in calls for Election Protection support.
– In terms of educating voters, Generation Vote ( has developed an amazing youth agenda and voter guide which is vetted and on-point. Also check-out a community developed ballot for your community at . Organizations – direct all your members to ballots in their area!!”

15 Minutes of Fame Are Over

Right after Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Denver, Republican nominee Senator John McCain publicly announced that Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin was his choice for vice president. The news came as a shock to everyone, and it was also a mixed reaction as well. Some thought that is was tactic of McCain to chose her as his running mate in hopes that it would send waves to the disappointed women Hillary Clinton supporters.

During Governor Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in St. Paul, the base McCain was struggling with the most, finally decided to come in full fledge in supporting him for president, which is the right-leaning conservatives. Senator McCain even started to lead in most of the polls for the first time. However, a few weeks after that, it seems as if though the campaign went down hill from there. From Sarah Palin’s obvious robotic responses to Charles Gibson’s interview and the whining of Katie Couric’s piece-of-cake questions, to the economic turmoil, it’s become apparent that the McCain camp are losing it.

Today’s news just got even worse for Sarah Palin. Other various media outlets have reported that the Alaska governor had overstepped on her authorative power by firing a cop for not firing a cop.

An Eleven-Year-Old’s View from Outside the Convention Gates

By Denise Tejada

Listen here!

Eleven-year-old Davyon Williams had no idea what was in store for him when he showed up at his second day of school at Paul and Sheila Wellstone Elementary. The school is just steps from the Republican National Convention’s headquarters at the Xcel Center in St. Paul. Youth Radio enlisted him as a tour guide and hooked up with Davyon during his social studies class, where his teacher, Ms. Witt, integrated themes from Presidential politics into her lesson. Davyon’s own biggest hope for the Presidential election is for whoever comes into office to end the war so his big brother can come home.

A Bellicose Commentator and a Bulldog Dad

by Denise Tejada

Now that the RNC is rolling out of town, and our on the ground coverage is done, we have time to reflect on a couple of characters we met, and experiences we had during our week in St. Paul. Here are two stories from the week that touch on the role of conservative talk radio and TV in U.S. politics and families–with perspectives from young people who make the media and consume it everyday. 

It’s His Party and He’ll Talk if He Wants To

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center's Radio Row in St. Paul.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center

Ankitha: Conservative talk radio has always had a rep for being loud and in-your-face. Well, everything the medium is known for is embodied in 27-year-old Ben Ferguson, a nationally syndicated talk show host.







My Dad the Conservative Bulldog

Denise is a graduate of Youth Radio's class of 2003. At 19, she's a production assistant in the newsroom, helping students develop stories for both our National and Local outlets. Denise is also helping produce much of the immigration coverage for Youth Radio.

Nineteen-year-old Denise Tejada is at the RNC, getting her first exposure to young Latino Republicans en masse. Her father, a strident conservative, has ingrained his values in Denise through stories of his personal history, debate, and Spanish language talk radio and TV.


Watching Talk Radio

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center's Radio Row in St. Paul.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center

You can meet conservative talk radio host, Ben Ferguson, in audio form in our next post. But here you get to check him out in moving pictures. Ever wanted a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of conservative talk radio? That’s just what Youth Radio’s Ankitha Bharadwaj got–in a big way–during her visit to the RNC in St. Paul.

She tagged along with conservative talk radio personality, Ben Ferguson, who’s been broadcasting live all week from the RNC’s Radio Row. Ben got his start in radio before his 13th birthday. Now he’s nationally syndicated–and a force on and off the mic. Meeting Ben is shook some of Ankitha’s assumptions about a media landscape she’s been coming to know as an emerging young producer.

Youth Radio reporters on the streets of Saint Paul

Youth Radio reporters Ankitha Bharadwaj and Alana Germany have been working hard all week covering the Republian National Convention. Here are some of their thoughts on their stories, and their experiences in Saint Paul.

Youth Radio’s Denise Tejada turns the table on mun2 reporters

Youth Radio’s Denise Tejada told us about one of her frantic days at the RNC a few posts ago.

Well… if you were wondering how the whole interview with mun2 TV went down… here’s a little video for you. Just to remind you, Denise met up with Renato Lopez and Xochitl Dorsey of mun2 TV to be interviewed for a feature… But when the interview was over, she decided it was time to conduct an interview of her own…