Elections 2008

Coming around the first turn of the mass opinion derby…and a horse named “We Don’t Care” has breezed into the lead…

The 2008 race for the White House has been the biggest media-based campaign since Nixon went against Kennedy. In that race, Nixon lost to the better looking Kennedy thanks to their live television debate. Even though many political commentators said Nixon’s arguments were more valid, the more aesthetically pleasing Kennedy won.

With this sort of evidence, the current race is ON! Which candidate will make themselves look and sound the best on mass media? Or better yet…which candidate will make others look worse?

I’ve been doing some internet research, and the most entertaining and edifying thing I’ve found on these 2008 elections is youtube.com itself. It is the platform of the future! A way politicians (or rather, members of their parties) can make and broadcast anything from campaign support to campaign smut from the safety of their home.

Yes, youtube.com, along with Myspace pages, will determine our next President! Many media critics will tell you the candidates have found a path to reach young people and other American citizens who don’t particularly care about elections. But I say I’d rather delete my junk email and watch gymnast blooper video reels!


Dru Harshaw, Oakland, California


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