What’s Up, Detroit!

The C-Span-myspace.com Bus Tour is headed to Motown.

The bus campaign looks to rock the NAACP: Power Beyond Measure Conference being held July 7 through 12 in Detroit, Michigan. This year’s conference deals with issues such as the images of Black men in American media and the power Black America holds with respect to the upcoming presidential elections. Included as part of the media aspect is a funeral for the “N-word” with hip-hop icons Kurtis Blow and Eric B serving as pallbearers. It’s sure to be a strong, visual performance.

On top of that, the political activism portion of the program will boast appearances from CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and CBS News anchor Russ Mitchell, respectively. The political segment will also feature U.S. Representatives Shelia Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Bobby Scott (D-Virginia) and U.S. Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois). I don’t think they exactly have the star appeal of Eric B and Kurtis Blow, and holding them in comparison isn’t saying much.

This brings me to a problem the “Vote or Die” campaign couldn’t deal with during the 2004 elections – the youth vote. I’m not asking for a reenactment where stars tell us to hit voter booths like we hit Foot Locker when Jordan’s are being released. Truth about it – I can’t speak for my entire generation as far as what would make “us” vote, but I see a common trend where if we see immediate results, we will apply ourselves. This holds true for our obsession with myspace.com, our addiction to fast food, and our need to get the newest clothes.

Yes, these are frivolous time investments as opposed to voting for the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, but we don’t see those changes immediately. Maybe if the vote count was a bulletin on myspace.com, and when I left the voters booth, I could check my mobile myspace and actually see that I had made a difference, I might change my opinion.

But until that day, I’ll be too busy changing how the black male is depicted in media by posing for my new profile pic and electing new faces to my “Top Eight.”


Dru Harshaw, Oakland, California


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