Mom, Where Does Information Come From?

One of my favorite movies is “Lord of War” with Nicholas Cage. There is a scene in the movie where his character has an epiphany about guns, and says: “Everyday I wake up and there is a news story with a picture of a gun in the paper, I think to myself, ‘Someone has to sell these guns…'”

Everyday I wake up and look at the paper and see pictures among pictures of anything you can name. And in the bottom right corner is a credit to the Associated Press. Who <em>is</em> the Associated Press?

Located in Manhattan on East 33rd Street, AP is a press conglomerate that works with many media outlets in producing stories nationally and worldwide. The acknowledgement of this media umbrella sent me on a bloodhound search for more ways people have tunnel vision due to media sources…OH! The internet.

For most of my friends my house is the internet hub. They come over, we crack jokes, eat something, and then before they leave they ask if they can check their MySpace. I respect that. Communications is a jones you have to keep up with or else – people won’t be your friend in real life because you didn’t add them as a friend on MySpace.

But the disturbing thought is when people only know about the handful of websites that have been popularized: MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and Google to name a few.

Think outside of the box! Matter of fact, stop getting your information from a box! Everything you learn from is square: newspapers, books, computer screens, TVs, magazines, flyers, billboards, etc. And even more ironic than getting your information from a four sided item is that all of that information is secondary.

So this is my plea: the next time you want to learn something, take the road less traveled. Well, that’s any actual road nowadays.


Dru Harshaw, Oakland, California


One response to “Mom, Where Does Information Come From?

  1. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

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