50 Cent vs. George Bush

In the midst of his lowest approval ratings ever and attempting to be the first president ever to serve an entire term as a “lame duck”, George Bush doesn’t even get any let up from a fellow Cancer. Recently, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson took a shot at good ‘ole George, saying, “Bush has a talent: He has less compassion than the average human.”

This is just what we need: Bush vs. 50. Just in time to take our minds off of Paris Hilton and pay attention to something else that does not matter. Bush is currently sitting at his lowest approval rating ever, and 50…well, nobody likes 50. He holds the Guinness World Record for most beefs started – and he’s serving up his latest dish of beef with President Bush with a side dish of top rapper Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne, whom you might know from anyone’s latest single and/or remix, is also unanimously known as the current most influential rapper in the game. He’s also been called a “musical ho” by 50. Curtis claimed Wayne jumps on anyone’s song as long as that person pays him, just as a ho sleeps with anyone who pays them.

Although the 50-Lil Wayne war of words is another story altogether, there is a lesson in it: don’t start wars that you cannot finish. 50 has nowhere near the rapport with hip-hop fans that Wayne has, and he has nowhere near the power that G-Dub has either. Or does he?

I think 50 has a lot more in common with George than just a July 6th birthday. They were both named after a person they’re attempting to follow in the footsteps of, they’re both disliked and feared, and to top the list, 50 Cent’s newest album – which he is promising will be a “bomb” – drops on September 11th.

Damn, that’s eerie.


Dru Harshaw, Oakland, California


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