Young Republicans

If I were to ask you to picture a Republican in your mind, what would you see? Do you see a mid to older aged white male in a dark suit demanding tax cuts for the rich and less government intervention in the economy? I have often viewed Republicans as being out of touch with the needs of the youth. This may not be so. There are a number of youth who identify with the Republican agenda. That’s right. After careful nurturing and direction from their forefathers, the new generation of young Republicans has emerged.

Even though college campuses are known for being a nesting ground for liberal thought and activism, conservatives have maintained a steady and dominant presence on many campuses across the country since the 1970’s. What has enabled right wing politics to thrive in such a liberal setting?

One of the main reasons Republicans have had such success on college campuses is the parties deep monetary wells that can be tapped into to fund the cost of recruiting, training and employing college students.

But let’s go a little deeper. It’s easy to see what’s on the surface, but what lies within? Historically the process of brainwashing the youth of America to adapt and carry on the ideals of the past generations has been excessively implemented. This is what has allowed ideals such as racism, classicism and sexism to endure in this society. To what extent does this play a role today?

An educational phenomena is been taking place. I may be naïve, but I have always believed that we seek higher education to nourish our intellect and by doing so will be able to contribute to society. However, these days, and I’ve heard it from students and teachers alike, people are going to school for the money. That is, for the financial benefits that goes along with being educated. We all know people who choose a major based solely on the fact that “that’s where the money is.” It seems as if becoming more intelligent is merely a bi-product of education. This may explain why the economically inclined Republican Party can attract young students who aspire for “success”.

-Jordan Monroe


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