Monthly Archives: January 2008

Behind the Press Rope

9:41 pm EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

We’re in Manchester NH at the JW Hill Bar and Grill – right in the heart, right on Elm St. A few hours ago, we were at Rudy Giuliani’s – I’m not sure if you could call it a “victory party.” I guess it was a speech. It was interesting. Rudy Giuliani placed in 4th and we were there with the press and they roped us off in a special area that was just for press. And he came up and made a speech and for a second there I actually thought he was going to resign, but he said “and we’re going to keep on…go to Feb 5.” So we’ll see. But that was definitely a highlight – actually seeing the candidate up close and personal was really interesting and being with the rest of the media. It felt like you were just another reporter which was just a really cool feeling. Okay, I’m signing out.

-Will Nelligan


Watching the Returns

9:39 pm EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

We are listening in for the latest results. So far it looks like Hillary Clinton is ahead. And John McCain is in the lead currently. We were at Rudy Giuliani’s actual victory party. He spoke for us and something that I thought was quirky or a random selection is before he came on, they were playing Life is a hwy. I thought that was an interesting musical selection for a presidential candidate. Otherwise we’re pretty wiped from our amazing political experience. That’s pretty much it.

-Libby Donovan

Done for the Day

9:38 pm EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

We’re done for the day and we’re exhausted but all of us definitely had a great time. It was really eye opening. Some of us became more interested in political reporting but others of us were a little worn out by it. But it was great to see a lot of professional reporters and see what went into that, especially TV reporting. We kinda found that half of it was being a good actor and looking pretty, but it was nice to see professional radio reporters too. We saw a couple people from NPR.

Overall we’ve had a great day.

-Emily LaFond

The Final Stretch Before Polls Close

5:46 pm EST, Manchester NH, Primary Day

As we are getting closer to the polls closing, we’re seeing a lot more national coverage – a lot of famous news anchors. It’s getting even more crazy. But we actually just got to interview Dennis Kucinich which was amazing. He was great. He’s great to interview. Very nice. Very short – shorter in real life. But he talked to us a lot about his policies for youth and that was really exciting for us to get to talk to another national candidate who is so accessible.

-Emily LaFond

Hanging Out in the CBS Tent in NH

3:47 EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

Right now we are watching some of the international and the local broadcasts covering the election results from the CBS tent. CBS has a tent where it helps out all its affiliates cover the election. We talked with a man from Poland, from PTV, which is Poland’s public access network and right now I’m watching someone from Philadelphia covering it. So people from around the world affiliated in some way internationally or locally with CBS news are setting up.

We just went to the Clinton headquarters and we met some interesting people there, but their offices were actually closed. They have a different volunteer office in a different area. Right now, we’re waiting for a couple of newscasts to go live and then we’re going to head down to see the volunteer office for Hillary Clinton.

-Will Nelligan

Phoning for McCain

2:20 EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

We’re outside of the Waumbec Mill Office Building – the political campaign headquarters for Senator John McCain. We just went inside and we talked to some of the people on the phone, especially the youth. I would say there were more than a dozen very dedicated youth calling people to get them to come out and vote today.

McCain Youth

I would say more of the room was older people but there were very dedicated youth on cell phones. That was a good image.

Now we are headed for Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign office.

-Libby Donovan


Creative NH Campaigning – Dogs and All!

12:58 EST Manchester, NH Primary Day

It’s a zoo down here, but it’s good to see because there are a ton of youth out and there’s a lot creative campaigning methods. There are big dogs with signs on them…and people in cars with megaphones

The Reporting Team

It’s a lot of fun and there’s tons of energy and tons of campaign buses. Also a bunch of well known people in the political world – we just saw Pat Buchanan. We also just talked to the Ambassador to Sweden who is a personal friend of Hillary Clinton who was talking about how personable she is in real life.

-Emily LaFond