Behind the Press Rope

9:41 pm EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

We’re in Manchester NH at the JW Hill Bar and Grill – right in the heart, right on Elm St. A few hours ago, we were at Rudy Giuliani’s – I’m not sure if you could call it a “victory party.” I guess it was a speech. It was interesting. Rudy Giuliani placed in 4th and we were there with the press and they roped us off in a special area that was just for press. And he came up and made a speech and for a second there I actually thought he was going to resign, but he said “and we’re going to keep on…go to Feb 5.” So we’ll see. But that was definitely a highlight – actually seeing the candidate up close and personal was really interesting and being with the rest of the media. It felt like you were just another reporter which was just a really cool feeling. Okay, I’m signing out.

-Will Nelligan


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