Hanging Out in the CBS Tent in NH

3:47 EST, Manchester, NH, Primary Day

Right now we are watching some of the international and the local broadcasts covering the election results from the CBS tent. CBS has a tent where it helps out all its affiliates cover the election. We talked with a man from Poland, from PTV, which is Poland’s public access network and right now I’m watching someone from Philadelphia covering it. So people from around the world affiliated in some way internationally or locally with CBS news are setting up.

We just went to the Clinton headquarters and we met some interesting people there, but their offices were actually closed. They have a different volunteer office in a different area. Right now, we’re waiting for a couple of newscasts to go live and then we’re going to head down to see the volunteer office for Hillary Clinton.

-Will Nelligan


2 responses to “Hanging Out in the CBS Tent in NH

  1. Thanks for the updates Will…. it must be so incredible being there!

  2. Thanks for the update! It must be very exciting being there!!

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