Regular NH Folks on Soapboxes

Merrimack Restaurant12:30 EST Manchester, NH Primary Day

The Merrimack Restaurant is a really popular, really big Hungarian restaurant and there are about 100 reporters standing outside. There aren’t actually any candidates here right now. What’s going on is the reporters are literally just interviewing regular people who happen to be standing outside of the restaurant. There’s one guy who must be about 60 years old, pretty disheveled, and he’s standing there with a big Kucinich sign and about 15 reporters are standing around him from major networks interviewing him – just a regular guy. So really, not to be cheesy but “the spirit of democracy” here just talking to regular people.

And there was one citizen being interviewed and he was standing on a soapbox. Literally a soap box. Literally and figuratively.

So interesting stuff. Next we’re trying to get to some campaign headquarters. We saw Governor Richardson who is a pretty interesting guy – a little rushed, but had some interesting things to say about service and things like that.

Interviewing Gov Bill Richardson

We saw Senator Hillary Clinton briefly but she was just leaving. She was getting into a car and lots of people were beeping and screaming – positive and negative things. We’ll see what happens…

-Will Nelligan


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