DNC Political Paparazzi: Sunday

The first day of Youth Radio’s coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention is done. Since I last wrote this afternoon, we’ve made the trek to downtown Denver and scoped out the Pepsi Center, making it all the way to the DNC floor. Check out our newest photos on Flickr. After our run-ins with Senator Barbara Boxer and Wu-Tang Clan’s the Rza, there was even more fame to be seen on the streets of Denver.

While looking for the “Green Central Station,” a hub of environmental awareness at this “green” convention, we stumbled upon none other than Jason Jones and Rob Riggle of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. They were profiling a group of protesters singing about genetically modified food – according to Jones, the song was “So f*cking green!”

Also, from the real news media: on the walk to the Pepsi Center, I may have seen Chris Matthews in a golf cart, although it could have been someone else with similar silver hair… Pendarvis Harshaw (who noticed the Rza waiting for a taxi in the Denver airport) also saw CNN reporter Roland Martin (a member of “the best political team on television”)… Rebecca Martin (no relation), one of our Youth Radio producers, saw FOX News personality Sean Hannity, who told her “pretend like this is our prom picture!” Woah, Sean. Weird.

So just to recap, 12 hours in Denver and here’s our (semi) celebrity count: Barbara Boxer (Democratic Senator, California), the Rza, Jason Jones and Rob Riggle (from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart), Roland Martin (from CNN), Chris Matthews (maybe), and Sean Hannity. And we’re here for five more days…


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