Denver Observations

Youth Radio reporters have been all around Denver for the past two days, and are getting a full dose of what it’s like at a national convention. Reporter Pendarvis Harshaw said that the security and protests have made Denver a mix of, “Boston, Berkeley, and Baghdad.” A few observations and notices from downtown Denver during the convention:

– As part of the “Green Convention” idea, security that normally drive around in Chevy Tahoesdrive around in Chevy Tahoe Hybrids. The Tahoe Hybrid gets 22 miles per gallon, a massive improvement from the 19 mpg of the regular Tahoe.

– Pendarvis Harshaw saw a woman standing next to a person in a donkey suit holds a sign reading “My ass is registered”

– Apparently it is necessary for at least four helicopters to be in the air at all times – or at least that’s what it seems like

– Brett Myers watched as police dug through potted plants looking for bombs

– Police ride around in SWAT team armored cars, with more officers hanging off the side as they travel through downtown

– The “Unassigned Media Worspace” at the Pepsi Center is situated in the Denver Nuggets’ practice center, complete with multiple basketball hoops. I’m strongly considering a quick game of three-on-three in between speeches tonight – NBC News, I’m issuing you a challenge. Assemble your crew, we’re playing for your skybox!


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