Protests at the DNC

Youth Radio reporters Clare Roberts and Martin Macias were in downtown Denver today, profiling the various protests outside of the Pepsi Center perimeter. There was a big mix of causes being voiced, everything from anti-capitalists to people favoring a direct democracy, but it seemed the message of hope and change that was so popular inside the convention hall was popular outside of it as well. Activist recommended that protesters here in Denver took the more positive message so they could be more effective, since those political buzzwords have been so popular recently.

I think it’s a good idea for the activists to use this change message the way Barack Obama has, although the branding can only do so much. Sure, they might be more successful in getting a start to their issue, but I’d guess that once many people heard the causes the more radical groups support, they might be turned off. Some groups can be very effective on this stage, like those that hold government officials accountable to campaign promises and those bringing attention issues like climate change. But for the extreme protesters, like the anti-capitalists, how they deliver a message won’t matter much – I don’t think most people are buying what they’re selling.


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