Rednecks for Obama

[Before I begin, I would like to apologize to the South for the comments I am about to make. I sincerely regret what I am about to say]

Youth Radio reporters found themselves a darn-right hootinany outside that there Pepsi Center over yonder in Denver! Some good ol’ boys from Missouri (here pronounced “Missura”) had a big sign what read “Rednecks for Obama” downtown – they even got a page on the Obama website! Yee haw!!! [The geographic stereotyping section is now over]

The “Rednecks for Obama” group has become a popular fixture outside the Pepsi Center, and they take pride in their roots while supporting the presumptive Democratic nominee. “Given the northeastern pseudo-intellectuals have seen fit to brand us all as racists who would never vote for a black man,” their page on the Obama site reads. “There’s really no better time to unite ‘Rednecks’ for Obama in ’08!”

But while it would be easy to trivialize “Rednecks for Obama” as a joke (see: two paragraphs above), they are very serious about getting rural voters in the south excited about Obama. Lee Spencer told the San Jose Mercury News that he doesn’t understand why his fellow rednecks (his words, not mine) vote Republican. “People are voting against their best interests,” he told the paper. Missouri will probably go for McCain, despite Spencer’s efforts, but he’s getting his voice heard here in Denver.


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