DNC Liveblog – Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has just left the stage of the Democratic Convention, after delivering a big speech meant to reunity her and Barack Obama’s supporters as Democrats. I noticed that Clinton really went for two points: that the next president must inspire the people, and the common refrain from the night, that John McCain is four more years of President Bush. Clinton spoke about the need for a leader to ignite the American potential for action and ingenuity, and how she believes Barack Obama is the right person to do that. “Elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden for a future worthy of our great nation,” she said as her final line.

Clinton also used the idea of Bush/McCain a lot, looking to unite the party against the Republican campaign. “We don’t need four more years of the last eight years,” Clinton said (she also scored laughs and applause when she said that it’s becoming hard to tell Bush and McCain apart). Using that talking point too much might not be the best strategy for getting out the vote in the party. But, that said, Clinton did a very good job connecting the President to John McCain, which will be necessary in the campaign (with a good balance between those attacks and Obama support). I think Clinton will have won over quite a few of her people tonight, and perhaps even some undecided voters tonight by her connection of McCain with Bush. It was obvious that Hillary Clinton was going to give a rousing endorsement of Barack Obama – the thing making some Democrats nervous is what Bill Clinton says tomorrow night.


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