DNC Liveblog – Deval Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick just finished his address to the delegates at the Democratic Convention, and I think he’ll be someone to look for in coming elections. Patrick used the idea of community a lot in his speech – ending the cynicism, and coming together as Americans for a common cause. It reminded me a lot of Barack Obama’s 2004 convention speech, where Obama talked about going beyond divisions to create one America – as he said, there is not a black America and a white America, there is a United States of America. Patrick used some of the same elements in his speech. He told the story of his childhood on the south side of Chicago, where although his neighborhood was crumbling the bond between its residents was strong. Patrick talks about how if he messed up as a kid on one end of the block, his neighbor would straighten him out, then call his parents, “so you could get it twice.” Later, Patrick called on the nation to, “Join hands as Americans to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.” This idea of building a strong national community, starting with the city block, is one that could play well in urban cities and rural towns. We might see Deval Patrick run for office a bit higher than Massachusetts Governor sometime soon…


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