The View from the Nosebleeds

Tonight was my first night inside the Pepsi Center during speeches, and the last night of DNC ceremonies in the arena – but boy was it a good one. I’m sorry to be writing so late – as you can probably imagine, it’s been a little hectic getting back to a quiet place to post. Some thoughts from Wednesday night’s proceedings: – Obviously, the biggest moment of the night was Barack Obama’s surprise appearance with Joe Biden at the end of the night. I had just started to move from my seats when I heard Biden’s wife tell him “Joe, we have a special surprise for you!” and heard what can only be described as an eruption from the already-energized crowd. There can be no exaggeration, there can be no overstatement: Barack Obama brought the house down at the end of the evening. The reaction from the delegates was massive, giving just a small preview of tomorrow night’s proceedings – for which Savidge for America will grovel endlessly to attend… Show your support in the comments section? Just kidding. Kinda. – Before the nominee showed up, though, there had already been a lot going on in the convention’s final night before moving across the river to INVESCO Mile-High Stadium. Joe Biden’s speech will doubtlessly be overlooked due to the surprise appearance after it, but he did the job of the Vice-President well. Before the speech, his son, Beau, introduced him after a video about the Biden family history. Biden spent the first part of his speech talking about his roots, but from there, he was into the VP mode: going after John McCain, talking up Barack Obama. Biden’s speech wasn’t good in the style of Deval Patrick or Brian Schweitzer the night before, or Bill Clinton an hour before (more on him later) – it was good in that it accomplished what it was supposed to do. – The Biden family delivered the funniest moment of the night while describing the “get back up” mentality he grew up with. He told the story of getting beaten up by bullies in Scranton, and that his mother told him to “go bloody their nose” – the camera cut to a shot of Mama Biden, who we could see telling the person next to her, “it’s true.” – Bill Clinton’s speech seems to have solidified his reunification with many Democrats. The ovation that came from his entrance forced him to plead with the crowd, “Sit down!” Let’s not forget, 1992-2000 (and especially 1992-1994) was a great time to be a Democrat, and many Obama supporters were hurt by Clinton in the primaries because of what they saw as a betrayal by one of their favorite presidents. But with this speech, I think Clinton has healed wounds with Obama supporters opened during the primaries. Of course, there will be questions about how genuine Clinton’s words were – especially quotes like “Barack Obama is the man for this job,” and “Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States,” which stand in contrast to comments Clinton made just a few weeks ago. – I think Evan Bayh delivered a good speech, considering he wasn’t expected to give a terribly exciting one. Sure, he didn’t bring the house down or whip the delegates into a frenzy like Brian Schweitzer of Montana did last night, but Bayh did deliver a good speech and compared to the Reid and Rockefeller speeches (which almost literally put me to sleep – it’s been a long day) – Melissa Ethridge performed a medley of songs during her time on the Pepsi Center stage. She started with “God Bless America,” then Dylan’s “The Times they are A’Changing,” followed by “Give Peace a Chance,” and then wrapping up with Bruce Springteen’s “Born in the USA.” I’ve never really gotten into Ethridge, but I think she did a good job tonight, although it would have been nice to hear a verse from the Boss’ classic – she only repeated the chorus “I was… boooooorn in the USA” – This entry is titled “View from the Nosebleeds” because I’m pretty sure our seats were in Coors Field. Savidge for America could only find seats a few rows from the top in the uppermost section of the Pepsi Center – I guess Youth Radio hasn’t quite earned a sky box yet. Maybe next time? – After the end of the Biden speech, Savidge for America made his way down to the Convention floor, where he pillaged the seats for campaign signs like a Viking – look out family, you’ve got some souvenirs coming. – I also got to see the CNN team (including Anderson Cooper, with whom one of our producers is nothing short of obsessed), Katie Couric, NBC’s David Gregory, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and CNN’s Paul Begala (I also met Jimmy Carville this morning, meaning I shook hands with the “left” side of Crossfire within 12 hours). Begala was with his wife and son, walking through the Pepsi Center, but he took time to walk and talk with me – when I told him I was going to be studying journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go badgers), he said I should do politics instead, “don’t just report history, make it.” Pure class.


3 responses to “The View from the Nosebleeds

  1. Wow! It seems like you’re having one hellova time! I hope you threw your badger-on-the-board-carried-by-Wisconsin-kids t-shirt at Obama!

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  3. Sign: wdpad Hello!!! wfmct and 8296cythzmeduf and 8919 : I love your blog. :) I just came across your blog.

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