Just Arrived

by Denise Tejada

Minneapolis-Saint Paul_We finally got to St. Paul where the weather is similar the Bay Area, well at least for today. Once we got ourselves together we headed to the casa and we got a real good, yet, fast tour of the town. After an hour we headed to Minneapolis Convention Center, where we picked up our fancy credentials for the next four days. Once at the Convention Center it was mayhem: people running around making sure decorations were in their right locations, table cloths sporting the American flag colors, banners and drapes accessorizing the entrances of the ballrooms. What attracted me the most were not only the balloons, but the warm orange lighting that covered the main floor. I felt as if I was entering a Beyonce concert, all glamorous and shiny. Along with our credentials we received a gift bag which included an RNC water bottle, a red umbrella (NOT CHEAP), mints, granola bars, and the infamous Mac & Cheese with a Republican design (CATCHY). If you ask, me the Republican party is trying to persuade people with this goodie bag. After being amazed at the free gifts, it was time to get a better taste of Minneapolis. We got a chance to look at the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River and got an up close look at the High Bridge, which I must say made me feel more short then ever. That was enough of sight seeing and it was time to go back to my date with the computer.



2 responses to “Just Arrived

  1. i must say this is by far well written blog…..

  2. Great pictures!! I love the Mac & Cheese!

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