A Day in the Life of Youth Radio Reporters

Sunday, Aug 31

5:00 am LAX team meets at check-in to Northwest Airlines.

6:00 am SFO team meets at MacArthur BART. Equipment distribution.

6:30 am LAX team departs.

7:00 am SFO team arrives at airport, check in.

8:30 am SFO team departs. Shoot photos/video on plane.

12:05 pm Alana and Miguel arrive, hang out, head to SFO team’s gate at 2:00.

Denise Tejada contemplates her next line.

2:06 pm SFO crew arrives, meets up with LAX team. Nishat calls landlord for pick up. Tour house. Install printer ink cartridges and test wireless connection.

3:00 pm Nishat and Nate grocery shop (ride from Jon/Grit). Nishat call Victoria Blackstone’s family to confirm plan for Monday and find out when she’ll be leading the pledge. Call Ben to confirm that we’ll be there Monday for his show, get exact location on Radio Row in Kellogg Lobby. Confirm that Solomon’s Porch event (see below) is happening–unless Lissa can do this before–I’m trying!

3:00 pm Credential pick up and reporting: Denise and Miguel on credential pick up (bring photo IDs!): Minneapolis Convention Center, Room M100E, 1301 Second Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55403. Alana on photo. KEY: GET KELLY TAPE ON NOT GETTING CREDENTIAL AND INTERVIEW CREDENTIAL PROVIDER ABOUT WHY NO UNDER 18. Ankitha and Kelly on audio. Grab videos and scenes of convention set-up. Alana needs to hook up with Nishat by 4:00.

4:15 pm Alana and Miguel meet and get cab to Solomon’s Porch (“Emergent Church”)

5:00 pm – 7 Miguel and Alana: Solomon’s Porch weekly gathering.

NEEDS CONFIRMATION: for evangelical youth perspective. NOTE: more than 10 miles away.

7:00pm – 10 ALL Daily diaries, photo and video uploads, review and revise story questions. Ankitha can work on Credentialess Youth story (interview Kelly, work on outline, possibly line up IV with under 18 year old who covered DNC and find official IV to explain policy).

10:00pm- Denise/Nishat go to young Latino Republicans event, Babalu Restaurant

11:30pm- Alana and Lissa go to Rock the Vote party to meet Princella. 10pm – 12am CST, Rock the Vote, MySpace Impact, Impact Film Festival, Digg, and the Screen Actors Guild are having an event at Fine Line Music Café – 318 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN. Country artist Josh Gracin and special guests The Alarmists will be there.


Team went to sleep



Monday, Sept 1

8:00 am Depart for Radio Row, Kellogg Lobby, for Ben Ferguson’s show. Ankitha, Miguel, Lissa. Lissa confirm Victoria ON for today. Confirm youth convention.

LOG AND PREP TAPE Princella tape, RHNA tape (Denise)

WRITE OP/GOP and book interviews (Kelly)

9:00 am – 12 Ben Ferguson show! IV afterwards—Ank, Miguel, Lissa, Kelly. Follow if he’s doing other press, etc. (he’s expecting us–and see what he’s doing Mon night).

10:00 am – Anarchist event downtown St. Paul (Nishat and Nate): Note–plan as intercut, “Two Conventions”

10:15 am Denise, Alana meet Nishat and Nate at Anarchy HQ and heading to Princella/Essence IV

11:00 am – Victoria’s being picked up at home for her rehearsal at 10:00, Lissa and Kelly meet at XCel at 11:00. 12:30 rehearsal. Her dad will call when they’re en route, and we can meet her at the center, maybe even attend the rehearsal, or at least get scene tape of entering/exiting and interview her.

11:30 Princella Essence interview Minneapolis Convention Center. (Alana, Denise Nate and Nishat–then Denise to Hard Rock)

1:00 Ankitha preps TalkRadio tape/footage, including 13-year-old tape.
12-1:30 Voter Registration event, Hard Rock Café, Minneapolis 600 Hennepin Ave

12:30 pm – 3 Stars and Stripes vox/montage

12:30-4:30pm Princella scheduled to work the booth at Civic Fest for American Solutions. Civic Fest is held at the MN Convention Center in Minneapolis. 1301 Second Avenue South. Lissa and Alana.

1:30 pm Lissa call Principal to confirm plan for Wedn. Call Princella and Ben to see what they’re up to at night.

4:00 pm (PENDING confirmation –Lissa’s left a message) Interview GOP youth convention participants who’ve come to St. Paul from around the country to volunteer.

7:00 pm Team: Digitize/log tape from the day, prep clips, upload slideshows etc., daily diaries. Deliver to headquarters. Hook up with Ben for parties.

9:00 pm Lissa, Kelly produce/finish Stars and Stripes (Nate on video). Ankitha prep tape from Ben and work on Credentialess Youth. Alana works on Evangelicals and Princella. Denise log RHNA and blog post.

10:30 pm Princella: RightNOW! is an organization having an event starting at 10pm on Monday night. “Maybe you and camera crew could get there at 10:30 or 11…? Meghan McCain and John Rich from Big and Rich will be there.” Bar Fly, 711 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis.

Nighttime is the right time:

Nishat mixes pledge/protestor intercut

Ankitha and Lissa record Alana in makeshift booth

Miguel mixes Princella piece

Kelly – finish blog post

Nate edits protestor and Solomon’s Porch video

Group turned in at 4am


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