Our Day with Princella, Young Political Star



Kelly Chau and Alana Germany follow 24-year-old Princella Smith, Chief Advocate for Newt Gingrich's American Solutions project, through her day at the RNC.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul–People often ask Princella Smith how old she is. She’s 24. Princella is also the Chief Advocate for Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions project, which means that by now she’s accustomed to being the youngest person in the room. Youth Radio’s Alana Germany spent a day with Smith and provided a glimpse into the Convention through the eyes of one of its youngest rising stars.

Youth Radio sits down with Princella Smith.

Later on this week, Alana will take part in the NPR News and Notes Reporters’ Roundtable – stay tuned!

Don’t forget to listen to it!


One response to “Our Day with Princella, Young Political Star

  1. I have made my prediction. President Princella!!! It is amazing to hear that you are following Ms. Smith. She comes from a spiritually grounded family that encourages goal oriented strides toward the greatest good. She has shown herself to be a great thinker. Recently, during a forum on BET, I never thought to question her age (she just turned 25), since she handle herself like a veteran of the political circuit. I pray for her much as she continues to reach greater plateaus.

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