Day 3 at the RNC for Youth Radio Reporters

Minneapolis-St. Paul — The week continues with Day 3 at the Republican National Convention and our weary reporters report for duty, perhaps not so bright-eyed. Here’s a quick preview of our day.

Taking the bus to the convention center is no easy task.

8 AM to 9:30 AM: Early editorial meeting, logging tape, blogging and then the migration to the convention center. We get on the bus (part of the reason why it’s no easy feat get ourselves to the convention center).

9:45 am: Ankitha and Miguel depart for Radio Row, Kellogg Lobby, for the tail end of Ben Ferguson’s show and get 13-year-old’s tape. Nishat edits Alana‘s teen pregnancy reax script, KCBS phoner prep with Alana, mix Pledge-Protestor to hold, Nate work on red white and blue dog story.

1:00 PM: Alana leaves for Civic Center for GOP youth — 143 West Fourth Street – Saint Paul, MN
Denise work on RHNA tape, political orientation script

2:00 PM Nate/Kelly/Nishat leave for Xcel Center for Superfan story.  Lissa/Ankitha leave for Children’s XPress interview

A riot policeman displays his patriotic ink at the XCel Center.

4:20 PM Confirmed- Alana two-way with KCBS

5:30 PM Lissa and Ankitha go get YPress interview for Convention is the new Nightclub story 

5:30 to midnight Everyone else: PRODUCE!

Alana tape “afterglow” video with Kelly re: convention sightings

Nate produce Kelly video for auditionAlana create audio blog about ‘Reporters, what’s the funniest thing that happened to you today, IN A FEW LINES?’ (stay tuned for that)

Kelly – finish blogging about convention sightings



A fully-loaded riot policeman at the convention center.

Ankitha – finish WTNW script, record
Lissa – edit WTNW script, record Ankitha
Miguel – mix WTNW piece
Denise – write Latino political orientation script
Nishat – interview Denise, log political orientation script

Two sides of the same story: bus stop ads outside the convention center.

2:30 AM: Most reporters asleep.



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