15 Minutes of Fame Are Over

Right after Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Denver, Republican nominee Senator John McCain publicly announced that Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin was his choice for vice president. The news came as a shock to everyone, and it was also a mixed reaction as well. Some thought that is was tactic of McCain to chose her as his running mate in hopes that it would send waves to the disappointed women Hillary Clinton supporters.

During Governor Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in St. Paul, the base McCain was struggling with the most, finally decided to come in full fledge in supporting him for president, which is the right-leaning conservatives. Senator McCain even started to lead in most of the polls for the first time. However, a few weeks after that, it seems as if though the campaign went down hill from there. From Sarah Palin’s obvious robotic responses to Charles Gibson’s interview and the whining of Katie Couric’s piece-of-cake questions, to the economic turmoil, it’s become apparent that the McCain camp are losing it.

Today’s news just got even worse for Sarah Palin. Other various media outlets have reported that the Alaska governor had overstepped on her authorative power by firing a cop for not firing a cop.


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