Princella Smith, Young Rising Star
People are always asking Princella Smith how old she is. At 24, she’s used to being the youngest person in the room, as Chief Advocate for Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions project. Youth Radio’s Alana Germany tailed Smith for the first unpredictable days of the Republican National Convention.

Campaigning is All “Elementary” During the DNC

DENVER- Making sense of the political process is hard enough, and making sense of human nature when it comes to politics is even harder.

A Foundation of Formulas

Here’s a story problem for you: how many bicycles do you need for the upteen zillion people coming to Denver when you promised them free bikes? Math Professor Matt Greenberg lends his superior logistical skills to the DNC.

Youth Encounters with Politicos

Youth Radio gets the scoop from politicos and celebrities like Jamal Simmons, CNN commentator
Colorado State Senator Peter Groff, President of the State Senate, and Larry Wilmore, The Daily Show.

Sen Peter Groff, Larry Wilmore, Jamal Simmons

Family of Frogs

The frogs are hoppin’ to saving the environment! Denver native Troy Kailan and his daughters Maggie and Selena, age 5 and 7 respectively, dressed up as frogs for a march in Civic Center Park in downtown Denver on Tuesday to make a point about climate change and loss of species. Kailan tells Youth Radio producer Clare Robbins that a threat to animal life due to environmental destruction is an issue his daughters can understand and connect to.

Profile of a youth vote advocate

At 24 years old, Erica Williams is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at Campus Progress, a project of the Center for American progress. She leads the issues and outreach team to mobilize young people on national issues like climate change, college afford ability, and the war in Iraq. As a former working college student, she is especially interested in the role of non-college student young people, including working young people and students outside of 4-year universities. Youth Radio’s Martin “Xavi” Macias brings this profile of Erica and her unique perspective on youth voters in this election cycle. Photo Credit: Martin Macias.

Jessie Tolkan, 27,

Executive Director of Energy Action Coalition who says multiple messages that reflect a multitude of locales are needed for the green movement to succeed.

Billy Parish, 27,
Coalition, says that the message of the sustainability movement has to be “solution oriented.” The term “green jobs,” he says, has the potential to inspire and unite different communities.

Marjora Carter
Marjora Carter of Green for All and Sustainable South Bronx said while many young people respond to the word “revolution,” she advocates for an activist language that is broadly inclusive.


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