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Adrienne Brown and the Ruckus

The Ruckus Society’s Adrienne Brown has some tips that are especially important for new or first-time voters — below the video.


866 OURVOTE ( is a central source of information needed to protect the vote, including the registration and identification guidelines for each state. This site is also covering the legal side of election protection!
Twitter Vote Report ( is a space to do a quick and easy report of how your voting experience is going. The most important part of this is the change to Twitter in calls for Election Protection support.
– In terms of educating voters, Generation Vote ( has developed an amazing youth agenda and voter guide which is vetted and on-point. Also check-out a community developed ballot for your community at . Organizations – direct all your members to ballots in their area!!”

15 Minutes of Fame Are Over

Right after Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Denver, Republican nominee Senator John McCain publicly announced that Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin was his choice for vice president. The news came as a shock to everyone, and it was also a mixed reaction as well. Some thought that is was tactic of McCain to chose her as his running mate in hopes that it would send waves to the disappointed women Hillary Clinton supporters.

During Governor Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in St. Paul, the base McCain was struggling with the most, finally decided to come in full fledge in supporting him for president, which is the right-leaning conservatives. Senator McCain even started to lead in most of the polls for the first time. However, a few weeks after that, it seems as if though the campaign went down hill from there. From Sarah Palin’s obvious robotic responses to Charles Gibson’s interview and the whining of Katie Couric’s piece-of-cake questions, to the economic turmoil, it’s become apparent that the McCain camp are losing it.

Today’s news just got even worse for Sarah Palin. Other various media outlets have reported that the Alaska governor had overstepped on her authorative power by firing a cop for not firing a cop.

Youth Radio reporters on the streets of Saint Paul

Youth Radio reporters Ankitha Bharadwaj and Alana Germany have been working hard all week covering the Republian National Convention. Here are some of their thoughts on their stories, and their experiences in Saint Paul.

Palin-drama: Is Bristol Palin the new Jamie Lynn Spears?

by Alana Germany

Photo credit: Ashley Barchas

Minneapolis-Saint Paul__Youth Radio’s Alana Germany surveyed opinions at the RNC about VP nominee Sarah Palin’s daughter and her pregnancy.

Is Bristol The New Jamie Lynn?


DNC Liveblog

Denver__Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick just finished his address to the delegates at the Democratic Convention, and I think he’ll be someone to look for in coming elections. Patrick used the idea of community a lot in his speech – ending the cynicism, and coming together as Americans for a common cause. It reminded me a lot of Barack Obama’s 2004 convention speech, where Obama talked about going beyond divisions to create one America – as he said, there is not a black America and a white America, there is a United States of America. Patrick used some of the same elements in his speech. He told the story of his childhood on the south side of Chicago, where although his neighborhood was crumbling the bond between its residents was strong. Patrick talks about how if he messed up as a kid on one end of the block, his neighbor would straighten him out, then call his parents, “so you could get it twice.” Later, Patrick called on the nation to, “Join hands as Americans to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.” This idea of building a strong national community, starting with the city block, is one that could play well in urban cities and rural towns. We might see Deval Patrick run for office a bit higher than Massachusetts Governor sometime soon…

Here comes Princella


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Princella Smith is a 24-year old Republican pundit who hit the national stage big time in 2004, and will be returning to the RNC this year as Chief Advocate for American Solutions founded by Newt Gingrich. She spoke with Youth Radio’s Denise Tejada. Stay tuned for more from Princella and other stories from in and around the Xcel Center next week.

From Potential Miss Alaska to Potential Vice President

On the morning of August 29 at a campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio, presidential hopeful John McCain pulled a Walter Mondale by selecting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, doing it GOP style. By choosing Governor Palin, the McCain camp hopes this decision would sway the bitter Hillary Clinton supporters into voting for Senator McCain.

Sarah Palin is not the typical Republican. In a 1984, Palin came in second in the Miss Alaska beauty pagent, which is also the same year Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman ever to be selected as a running mate for VP choice. Her family moved to Alaska to pursue teaching shortly after her birth in Sandpoint, Idaho. She married her high school sweetheart Todd Palin in August 29, 1988 and is the mother of five.

Palin is well-liked among conservatives, something Senator McCain is struggling with. Whether she would be a great asset or not is yet to be determined. Although I will predict that she will get pounded by Joe Biden in the vice presidential debate.