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A Bellicose Commentator and a Bulldog Dad

by Denise Tejada

Now that the RNC is rolling out of town, and our on the ground coverage is done, we have time to reflect on a couple of characters we met, and experiences we had during our week in St. Paul. Here are two stories from the week that touch on the role of conservative talk radio and TV in U.S. politics and families–with perspectives from young people who make the media and consume it everyday. 

It’s His Party and He’ll Talk if He Wants To

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center's Radio Row in St. Paul.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center

Ankitha: Conservative talk radio has always had a rep for being loud and in-your-face. Well, everything the medium is known for is embodied in 27-year-old Ben Ferguson, a nationally syndicated talk show host.







My Dad the Conservative Bulldog

Denise is a graduate of Youth Radio's class of 2003. At 19, she's a production assistant in the newsroom, helping students develop stories for both our National and Local outlets. Denise is also helping produce much of the immigration coverage for Youth Radio.

Nineteen-year-old Denise Tejada is at the RNC, getting her first exposure to young Latino Republicans en masse. Her father, a strident conservative, has ingrained his values in Denise through stories of his personal history, debate, and Spanish language talk radio and TV.



A Day in the Life of Youth Radio Reporters

Sunday, Aug 31

5:00 am LAX team meets at check-in to Northwest Airlines.

6:00 am SFO team meets at MacArthur BART. Equipment distribution.

6:30 am LAX team departs.

7:00 am SFO team arrives at airport, check in.

8:30 am SFO team departs. Shoot photos/video on plane.

12:05 pm Alana and Miguel arrive, hang out, head to SFO team’s gate at 2:00.

Denise Tejada contemplates her next line.

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A long day’s journey to Minneapolis-Saint Paul

By Ankitha Bharadwaj and Nathan Hadden 

Minneapolis-Saint Paul__Ankitha: Waking up at 5 in the morning is never fun. But on this awesome August 31, I was more than psyched to kick off my comforter and get ready for a very entertaining week ahead. Obviously, I’m excited about the Republican National Convention (duh!) and of course, all the glitz and glamour of celebrity guests (yeehaw!). Unfortunately, not everyone shared my enthusiasm. After boarding our plane, we soon noticed a passenger onboard who found our discussions about our RNC coverage annoying. Well I guess that’s one less listener for Youth Radio. But after a group-shared bashing of that guy, it was onward to St. Paul.

Ankitha thinking that Nate's not so Great

Ankitha thinking that Nate's not so Great

Weirdly enough, my first day in the RNC host city has been everything but Republican. As our house renters showed us the town, I was baffled by how liberal the setting is — almost hitting hippie status. Once we settled into home base, the group split into teams to complete all the million tasks we have. A couple of us decided to buy some groceries because contrary to popular belief, we journalists do need other forms of sustenance than coffee to survive. We were taken to a local co-op market where your basic block of cheddar cheese costs $6. After spending a small fortune on food, we returned to the house to set up all of our equipment, make some dinner for the other teammates, and…oh yeah, check out the neighborhood anarchists. Anarchists and Republicans in the same town? That can’t be good…and neither can the red-eyed albino squirrel in our backyard. So now I pass the torch to fellow reporter Nate”The Great”. 

Nate: Well, as I continue the story…I guess I’ll tell you about the “Anarchist” group today. The landlord of the house we are renting for the week showed us where the HQ of the “Anarchists” is located. The HQ looked straight up like some “Mad Maxx – Road Warrior – Beyond the Thunderdome” type scene where everyone there was dressed as though they just got finished fighting. Ankitha and I went to their HQ assuming they would be pleased to get some press to spread their word. But sadly we were mistaken. They didn’t want to be interviewed. One of the group members said the reason behind that decision was because the leaders of the organization were recently arrested at gunpoint by police. 

Nate and Ankitha getting down on Nishat's rice

Nate and Ankitha getting down on Nishat's rice