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Watching Talk Radio

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center's Radio Row in St. Paul.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Ferguson at the XCel Center

You can meet conservative talk radio host, Ben Ferguson, in audio form in our next post. But here you get to check him out in moving pictures. Ever wanted a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of conservative talk radio? That’s just what Youth Radio’s Ankitha Bharadwaj got–in a big way–during her visit to the RNC in St. Paul.

She tagged along with conservative talk radio personality, Ben Ferguson, who’s been broadcasting live all week from the RNC’s Radio Row. Ben got his start in radio before his 13th birthday. Now he’s nationally syndicated–and a force on and off the mic. Meeting Ben is shook some of Ankitha’s assumptions about a media landscape she’s been coming to know as an emerging young producer.


Day 3 at the RNC for Youth Radio Reporters

Minneapolis-St. Paul — The week continues with Day 3 at the Republican National Convention and our weary reporters report for duty, perhaps not so bright-eyed. Here’s a quick preview of our day.

Taking the bus to the convention center is no easy task.

8 AM to 9:30 AM: Early editorial meeting, logging tape, blogging and then the migration to the convention center. We get on the bus (part of the reason why it’s no easy feat get ourselves to the convention center).

9:45 am: Ankitha and Miguel depart for Radio Row, Kellogg Lobby, for the tail end of Ben Ferguson’s show and get 13-year-old’s tape. Nishat edits Alana‘s teen pregnancy reax script, KCBS phoner prep with Alana, mix Pledge-Protestor to hold, Nate work on red white and blue dog story.

1:00 PM: Alana leaves for Civic Center for GOP youth — 143 West Fourth Street – Saint Paul, MN
Denise work on RHNA tape, political orientation script

2:00 PM Nate/Kelly/Nishat leave for Xcel Center for Superfan story.  Lissa/Ankitha leave for Children’s XPress interview

A riot policeman displays his patriotic ink at the XCel Center.

4:20 PM Confirmed- Alana two-way with KCBS

5:30 PM Lissa and Ankitha go get YPress interview for Convention is the new Nightclub story 

5:30 to midnight Everyone else: PRODUCE!

Alana tape “afterglow” video with Kelly re: convention sightings

Nate produce Kelly video for auditionAlana create audio blog about ‘Reporters, what’s the funniest thing that happened to you today, IN A FEW LINES?’ (stay tuned for that)

Kelly – finish blogging about convention sightings



A fully-loaded riot policeman at the convention center.

Ankitha – finish WTNW script, record
Lissa – edit WTNW script, record Ankitha
Miguel – mix WTNW piece
Denise – write Latino political orientation script
Nishat – interview Denise, log political orientation script

Two sides of the same story: bus stop ads outside the convention center.

2:30 AM: Most reporters asleep.



Here comes Princella


Photo Credit: http://www.mtv.com

Princella Smith is a 24-year old Republican pundit who hit the national stage big time in 2004, and will be returning to the RNC this year as Chief Advocate for American Solutions founded by Newt Gingrich. She spoke with Youth Radio’s Denise Tejada. Stay tuned for more from Princella and other stories from in and around the Xcel Center next week.

A little Tweeting from our Twitter

via Brett Myers: just heard from an NBC producer that the McCain camp is planning 2 announce VP to AP at 12 am.


Bill Richardson just promised a president who will protect civil liberties and stop spying I hope so because Dems failed the test with the FISA bill!


During stevie wonder’s ‘signed, sealed delivered’ CNNs wolf blitzer danced with donna brasile (spelling?) on their set (nico) Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

The Obama campaign is using txt msg technology right now to organize the audience. They have an interactive screen map of txt msg participation of audience by hometown. Make the star on ur home state grow by txting “obama” then make 6 calls to friends tonight and enter a raffle to get floor seats. The stars on the map are growing- another example of youth focused grassroots approach of the campaign.


Hi this is Martin. My Congressional Rep spoke minutes ago about the Latino vote and the situation 4 immigrants in the US. My community wants 2 know what is being done now about raids and the families affected by them. What about the border, DREAM Act, and the tarnished image of the immigrant worker. The Latino and minority vote is unique because it represents the future. What assurances do we have that the Dems will follow through?


In line. Bernice king and martin Luther king III just spoke… They spoke about the dream of their father…And I’ve got to admit… their speeches caused me 2 get a little choked up.

Admission into the stadium is insane. It appears that there are only 2 entrance points for a stadium that can seat 75,000 people. In fact, we arrived about 3:30… And if we didn’t have press passes we’d probably still be


Behind the scenes at CNN, John King is playing with a football… I can only ask: why? (nico)

Jenifer Hudson recently sung the national anthem and she was absolutely great ;). David Ploff, head of the Obama campaign, informed the audience that this weekend they’re asking everyone 2 dedicates a few hours to register people 2 votes. He dubbed this weekend the weekend of change ;).


Colorado gov Bill Ritter must have partied a little too hard last night – his voice was absolutely gone during his speech (Nice)

This is Miriam texting an update from the INVESCO stadium. This is absolutely amazing. The number of people standing in line, to get to the stadium, is breath taking! It’s 4:04 and Nancy Pelosi just called the closing session of the DNCC in order ;)


Other observations from martin and Clare: Luis Gutierrez rep from Illinois just spoke and urged Latinos 2 get behind Obama. It’s the first time we’ve heard any politician directly talk about immigration. The issue seems to be largely untouched by democrat speakers


Martin Macias spoke to 2 local hs students who working as food vendors as a part of a volunteer effort thru the dnc to raise money 4 school clubs. By working they raise 75 bucks for the club of their choice. There are about 100 of these kids and they say having the dnc in their city has everyone excited to vote and talk politics. Audio and pics to com.

All About a Young Delegate



Senator Hillary Clinton is one of the keynote speakers tonight at the Democratic National Convention. There’s been a lot of talk about how pledged Clinton delegates are feeling this week and what they will do with their votes. 18-year-old Taylor Riddle is part of the Arkansas delegation, so he’s heard plenty of talk about it. He’s one of the youngest delegates at the DNC and already an up and coming politico as Youth Radio’s Nico Savidge reports. (or: He’s one of the youngest delegates at the DNC and already an up and coming politico as Youth Radio’s Nico Savidge reports.)


Nico: My first encounter with Taylor Riddle inside the convention hall was all about the political handshake. There’s the standard up down:

Taylor:…then you’ve got the 4-hand where you’re grabbing the hand, then you’ve got the going in for a conversation shake where you’re reaching for the shoulder like you’re closing space. Politics 101.

Nico: Minutes later, this first time delegate is schmoozing with Civil Rights leader and Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

Taylor: I’m a freshman in college. I’m actually missing my first week in school to be here. (Lewis) Well, you’re here participating in history…You’ll probably learn more here in one week in American political tradition…than you will learn in a few years studying political science…(Taylor) I don’t know watching you on the House floor for six months, that taught me a lot. (Lewis) Well, good to see you…

Nico: Everyone wants to give the young delegate at his first convention advice.

Hey Taylor. I’m Tom Baxter. I’m the editor of Southern Political Report. This morning I spoke with a lady who was 82 yrs old who was on her 11th. You’re on your first. You’ve got a great start. You’ve only got 10 more to go! (Taylor) I know. I’m excited. This is really neat.

Nico: Despite all the hobnobbing, Taylor’s political jargon fades when he gets his first glimpse inside the hall.

I’m trying to see where the action will take place and where history is being made…

Nico: Later, he starts talking about how he came to this moment.

Taylor: I was actually the founder of the Nettleton H-School Young Democrats and Young Republicans I felt like it was important just to have clubs where kids could get involved and actually start paying attention to the issues that affect them.

Nico: Here in Denver, Taylor is representing his state as a Clinton delegate. As an alternate, he won’t cast a vote unless someone drops out. But he’s supportive of those who will vote for the senator from New York in tomorrow night’s roll call.

Taylor: That vote for Hillary doesn’t show a dislikeness towards Obama but a thanks to Hillary for making the party stronger. That’s actually a closure. It’s a moment in time where the separation of the party will come to an end.

Nico: But Taylor Riddle reached that closure months ago. He’s featured on the Barack Obama campaign website under the title “Change of Heart.”

For NPR News, I’m Nico Savidge.

Host Back Announce: That story was produced by Youth Radio.

©2008 Youth Radio, Oakland, CA

Gearing up for the Democratic National Convention