Ever wanted a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of conservative talk radio? That’s just what Youth Radio’s Ankitha Bharadwaj got–in a big way–during her visit to the RNC in St. Paul.

The members of Youth Radio’s RNC production team have been burning the midnight flash drives. Collectively, the eight of us got 34 hours of sleep last night. Do the math, because we surely can’t in our bedraggled but productive states.

Youth Radio reporter Ankitha Bharadwaj runs into Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman at the Republican National Convention.

Youth Radio reporter Ankitha Bharadwaj takes us on a quick tour of “radio row” at the Republican National Convention.

Youth Radio’s Ankitha Bharadwaj describes her interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, who told her about being beaten by police at an RNC protest.

High school organizers descend on the state capitol for their first protest of the RNC.

Laborin’ On Labor Day

A Behind The Scenes peek at Youth Radio’s coverage on Labor Day. Don’t worry, the camera gets turned on its right edge about half way through.

RNC: Labor Day Protests

Video of one of the protests taking place around the Republican National Convention on Labor Day.
Video by Nate Hadden.


Starring Nate “DaGreat”Hadden, Denise Tejada. With Ankitha Bharadwaj Camera, Daddy Yankee Commentary & Youth Radio News Direction: Nishat Kurwa.


“Rednecks for Obama- Ayesha Walker Reports”

Reporting from the Democratic National Convention ono August 26, 2008, Youth Radio’s Ayesha Walker runs into Rednecks for Obama outside of the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.


Youth Radio’s 2008 National Convention Intro.

“Rednecks 4 Obama”

Youth Radio DNC 2008 Rednecks for Obama.

“DNC video”

Nicholas Savidge-Wilkins, 17, is a reporter for Youth Radio, a youth driven production company. He also maintains a daily politics blog, “Savidge for America” at

“Rebecca and Nico Preparing for the DNC 2008”

Reporters Rebecca Martin and Nico Savidge of Youth Radio, located in Oakland, are preparing for take off to Denver, Colorado for the Democratic National Convention 2008, as they pack their equipment.

“News Intern Gearing Up For the DNC & RNC”

News interns Nico and Kelly of Youth Radio are doing research for the upcoming conventions.

“Ayesha Working On DNC Preparations”

Photographer Ayesha of Youth Radio is organizing press badges for the upcoming DNC and RNC.

“DNC reporter gives a video tour of Denver”

Nine-year-old Bridget Galaty toured Denver in preparation for the Democratic National Convention starting August 25. She may well be one of the youngest reporters at the convention this year. In addition to reporting for Youth Radio, Galaty is a reporter for the Denver Post and Colorado Kids newspaper.
She sent Youth Radio this video postcard.

“Gearing up for the Democratic Convention”

Producer Brett Myers gears up at Youth Radio Headquarters for the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO.


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